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Is Total Pallet Management Right for Your Business?

Having an efficient supply chain is key to any business, being the avenue through which your products reach their intended customers. But overseeing this supply chain to ensure it is running smoothly at all times can be a large and laborious task. For many business owners, it is simply a thorn in their sides. Total Pallet Management, or TPM, is an end-to-end service that undertakes the handling of every aspect of the supply chain for you. If you’re unfamiliar with TPM, however, you may wonder what might necessitate the use of such a comprehensive service.

If you are looking into employing Total Pallet Management in your operations, these are some questions that will help you determine if our service is right for you:

Do you have sustainability goals you would like to meet with your supply chain?

Improving the sustainability of your operations can be challenging without a way to measure and track your progress, and implementing changes to reduce your carbon footprint, when done indelicately, can quickly become costly. Our Total Pallet Management service includes sustainability programs that track your carbon footprint, maximize the reuse of pallets, and minimize those and other scrap materials from ending up in landfills, while not only preventing extra costs, but creating cost savings in the process.

Are you purchasing many pallets in order to keep stock?

Constantly purchasing new pallets is both inefficient and costly, especially over time. TPM can reduce the necessity of new pallet purchases through several methods. Inbound pallet quality is closely monitored to ensure they are fit for consistent reuse, while repair programs keep those pallets in the supply chain as long as possible. Our service guarantees that you get your money’s worth from each and every pallet purchase.

Do you have a large amount or variety of scrap that you struggle to manage?

Scrap is a burden many businesses find issue with. It takes up valuable space in facilities, and the cost of disposal can quickly expand depending on volume and/or materials. Part of our TPM service is a scrap management program tailored to your exact needs; we manage scrap of any type, in any volume, in a way that is sustainable and cost efficient.

Is safety a significant issue in your locations?

We all value the health and safety of our laborers and customers. That is why we provide thorough training and documentation to workforce team members and employ rigorous certification tests to ensure that the information is received. We also perform both regular and unscheduled safety audits to verify that safety protocols are complied with at all times.

Does your operation lack transparency and visibility?

A large part of successfully managing your supply chain is having a strong grasp on what is happening at each step and how it is happening. Doing so is how you determine where your weaknesses lie and how they can be improved upon. Our Total Pallet Management program includes the use of PrimeVision, our proprietary real-time transportation visibility platform (RTTVP) which provides minute-to-minute GPS tracking of shipments, automatically reported data on pallet inventory and storage capacity, and much, much more.

Do you have issues with quality or frequent disputes with vendors?

Low quality pallets do not only waste money— they present real risks to the safety of your laborers and products. Meanwhile, managing issues with vendors can be difficult and time consuming. TPM includes the use of vendor compliance studies in which we monitor the quality of incoming pallets through sorting and ensure that vendors provide ones that meet your standards by imposing rebates and acting as your proxy in disputes.

Is transportation an issue for you, either in cost or performance?

Maybe you struggle to meet minimum load requirements in remote locations, consistently have late deliveries, or suffer high detention costs— whatever your transportation issue is, our TPM service connects you with experts who will streamline your processes to maximize freighting efficiency, as well as our expansive partner network, where you can find local providers to service even your most rural stores and facilities.

Are you spending too much on labor, or experiencing labor shortages? Optimize your Supply Chain.

Labor can become a large expense quite easily and for any number of reasons. And recent labor shortages mean good workers can be difficult to come by. Part of TPM is providing labor, streamlining and optimizing processes, utilizing automatic reporting systems, and assist you in implementing automated systems, helping to reduce the cost of keeping your business running.

If any of these questions resonate with you, Total Pallet Management may be a good fit for your business and the key to easing your supply chain woes.

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