Recycle, Repair, Repurpose
Protecting Our Environment

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Making a Difference in Protecting our Natural Resources

Dedicated to protecting our national resources and optimize customer costs, we work with our partner network to ensure pallets meet quality safety guidelines, identify reusability potential (repair, repurpose or recycle) with less need to purchase new pallets, and establish chargebacks for non-compliant pallets. For our customers, it’s a balance of being environmentally friendly, safer, and financially sound.

You can reduce your carbon footprint by optimizing freight, transportation and packaging materials.

Our reports give you a full, transparent view of your supply chain, safety and sustainability goals.

We utilize the EPA calculator to review your environmental impact and improvement.

We provide high-quality, recycled/repaired products at competitive prices — reducing your total cost of ownership and risk exposure.

We’re sustainability and environmental experts – providing a network of resources and full-service, pallet recycling solutions to establish or enhance your program. Our Recycle, Repair, Repurpose programs include:

  • Collection containers for in-house accumulation and equipment provision
  • Training and educational programs with quantity reporting to support and maintain the program – as well as numerous “Waste-to-Energy” projects
  • Processes to minimize waste stream impact, reduce greenhouse emissions as well as solid waste while conserving water and energy.
  • Reduced packaging and pallet impact on the environment.

Pallet Life Cycle Process