Provides Operations Transparency

Capture Real-Time Visibility into your Supply Chain Management

Data is transforming how supply chains are managed. We’ve made it possible for customers to track, manage and optimize nearly every aspect of their pallet supply chain business to better achieve operational efficiency. With PrimeVision, you can:

  • Escape manual processes and documentation.
  • Ensure greater compliance with regulatory criteria.
  • Re-allocate your resources to areas of support as issues surface – and where their expertise may be more critical at any given time.

Customer and Partner-Exclusive Prime360 Technology

Our user-friendly, PrimeVision solution:

  • Can be used on tablets and computers – designed with you and your teams in mind.
  • Offers “smart” insight to help customers maintain core processes or realign planning/operations at any stage.
  • Is a cloud-based, customizable platform that gives businesses continuous visibility into all pallet activity in their distribution centers and store operations.

With PrimeVision customers can see their inventory, quality pallet shipment and delivery counts, supply chain audits, Pallet Optimization Program (POP), delivery data, shipping status, rebates and more. It’s all accessible in one, user-friendly portal with customizable reports and dashboards.

And with our ongoing investment, this technology will evolve and be adapted to supply chain challenges and demands. PrimeVision will help customers gain valuable perspectives into their decision-making. They’ll also be able to enhance their pallet supplier/partner network relationships with documented data to address efficiencies, accuracy, disparities, and more. This is merely one more resource for customers to use as they manage, track, and realign their strategies as needed with real-time data.

PrimeVision gives you visibility into your operations to improve profitability and drive sustainability.

Customizable Reports
Automated reports designed for weekly or monthly updates by location or pull immediate updates – including detailed pallet activity (such as total pallets purchased, recycled, rebates) and more.

Local Transaction and Order Tracking
Transparent management tracking system improves operational efficiency with visibility into the order status by location, date and type.

Program Dashboard
Customizable views focus on your program KPIs and trending — by region, site, orders, quantities, sustainability goals.

“Working collaboratively with Prime360 helped us envision operational success. Using their technology, we were able to view what needed to be changed. We made improvements and it impacted our performance across the board. The improvements resulted in faster decisions, streamlined operational procedures, lower costs and improved profitability.”

– National Retail Company

PrimeVision is a comprehensive technology platform designed to help customers maintain a 360° view of their pallet supply chain operations, inventory, and processes – and to communicate seamlessly with partners and the Prime360 teams.
Prime360's cloud-based Supply Chain Technology on desktop and tablet