“Restore our Earth” with Prime360

“RESTORE OUR EARTH”— The theme of this year’s Earth Day is dedicated to celebrating innovative, green technologies, supporting conservation initiatives, and learning how each one of us can better contribute to the fight against climate change, one of the greatest challenges we as humans face today.

As industry leaders in sustainable supply chain solutions, we spend each day dedicating ourselves to employing the latest and most environmentally ethical technologies and practices possible, and supporting our customers in doing the same. Our repair and recycle programs operate on the principle of utilizing each pallet to its fullest extent, reducing the energy waste produced by new pallet manufacturing, and ensuring that pallets are recycled properly and for value-added purposes. With this, we divert as much wood waste from landfills as possible.

Each year, over 55 million pallets are repaired, reused, and recycled through our programs, translating to approximately 2.75 million trees spared per wood waste/carbon calculations.

Of these, 25 million were recycled and directly diverted from landfills, becoming products such as farm animal bedding, chipboard, and biomass fuels, which is used in many industries to reduce fossil fuel usage and contributions to air pollution.

And wood pallets are not our only area of sustainable supply chain solutions expertise— we manage and recycle materials of virtually any type, from cardboard, to plastics, to metals, and beyond. What’s more, recycling and reusing pallets reduces the need for new pallets to be freighted in. When transportation accounts for as much as 28% of all greenhouse gas emissions, this, and other techniques, such as cubing trailer loads and maximizing space usage, make a real and direct impact on the carbon footprint left by your operation.

Taking care of our environment is our top priority, as we feel it should be for everyone. As the industry does its part in conservation and sustainability efforts, we want to help you implement the 360° supply chain model proven to reduce carbon footprint in ways that not only support the environment, but support your business as well.

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