Strategic Solutions Create Value

While our history is in distribution and pallet management, we’re much more than this. We understand you expect real solutions that will make a difference. We want to share our industry-leading strategies with you to ensure continuous improvement in your supply chain – helping you achieve and exceed your goals.

It’s about having partners with the flexibility and scalability to help you implement balanced support, transparent reporting and improved yield and rebates.

Total Cost and Benefit Programs from transportation options to pallet materials, sustainability and more

Continuous Improvement programs enhance quality and yield while reducing costs

Pallet Optimization Program (POP) Reviews — Improve sorting quality, repair, reuse and recycle processes

Operational Efficiency — reduce labor and increase warehouse space by analyzing operations and helping streamline your processes

Every day, we’re committed to facilitating risk reduction, streamlining delivery processes, lowering carbon footprints and improving profitability.

Find out how we've helped this food and beverage leader reduce their carbon footprint

Pallet Optimization Program (POP)

POP is our vendor compliance program that provides a unique quality management service for our customers. Within the program, we inspect every pallet you have to determine the quality of all inbound pallets (from every vendor) and ensure they meet the specifications you require. We document all data — vendor, description, number of cases, purchase order number, carrier and more. Pictures are taken to substantiate the data and ensure clarity. The outcome of our POP study:

Determines if vendors are bringing value to your supply chain and comply with your safer quality pallet guidelines.

Offers recommendations to increase pallet revenue – and establish chargebacks for non-compliant pallets.

Identifies reusability with less need to purchase new pallets.

Reduces the amount of wood scrap leaving the distribution center – thereby reducing environmental impact.

“Working with Prime360, we improved our quality and retained more pallets in our supply chain. We just re-signed our contract with Prime360. We also recently conducted a POP study, which showed our quality improved by over 20%.”

National Drugstore Company

Best-practice Solutions
  • Pallet Design and Analysis
  • Pallet Process Engineering
  • Supply Chain Audits
  • Pallet Optimizations Programs (POP)
  • Pooled Pallet Consultation
  • Pallet Rental
  • Market Intelligence/Benchmarking