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With a combined average of 25 years of diverse industry experience, Prime360® leadership delivers a balanced mix of expertise focused on optimizing and innovating customer supply chains.
Jack Donnell President & Chief Executive Officer

Jack Donnell
President & Chief Executive Officer

Jack Donnell is the President and Chief Executive Officer at Prime360® with a vision to position the company as the premier, national pallet management solution provider. To make that happen, he is consistently investing in supply chain solutions – and has implemented a flexible, agile approach to quickly adapt to unpredictable volume shifts in the supply chain. And the plan is working.

Mark Sponseller headhot

Mark Sponseller
Chief Financial Officer

As Chief Financial Officer, Mark Sponseller oversees Prime360’s finance organization as well as the company’s information technology and enablement solutions teams. Prior to his current role, Mark had served as the CFO for one of the company’s predecessor firms, Prime Woodcraft, Inc.

Harmony Merwitz

Harmony Merwitz
Chief Commercial Officer

As Prime360’s Chief Commercial Officer, Harmony Merwitz leads the company’s sales, customer experience, and marketing strategies. She has spearheaded the company’s strategic growth initiatives (for market expansion and new channel development) – and created a deeper foundation to invigorate customer value creation in the supply chain realm.

Chris Meers

Chris Meers
Chief Operations Officer

Chris Meers is Prime360’s Chief Operations Officer and leads the company’s national operations and safety teams. He joined the company in 2018 as the Vice President of Total Pallet Management under the organization’s prior name, Northwest Pallet Services.

Jim Riff

Jim Riff
Vice President, Market Management and Supply Chain

Jim Riff is Prime360’s Vice President, Market Management and Supply Chain. In 1997, he joined the company’s predecessor organization, Northwest Pallet Services, as a Sales Manager. Over nearly 25 years, Jim has become a well-respected veteran and expert within the pallet and recycling services industry. He also is a member of Prime360’s board of directors.

James (Tank) Tankersley

James (Tank) Tankersley
Vice President, Total Pallet Management Services

James Tankersley (aka Tank) is Prime360’s Vice President of Total Pallet Management (TPM). One of his top priorities is to continually maintain a pulse on the supply chain industry, introduce groundbreaking solutions for current challenges, and ensure the company’s TPM Programs are exceeding customers’ needs. He easily gathers these candid insights because he’s out there at customer and partner locations, talking with team members in a variety of roles, and simply knows this business like (nearly) no other.

Lisa Polezoes

Lisa Polezoes
Vice President, Human Resources

As Prime360’s Vice President of Human Resources, Lisa Polezoes leads the company’s national human resources strategy. This includes talent management, succession planning, change management, organizational and performance management, training and development, total rewards, and the company culture program. Lisa joined the company in early 2019 as the Vice President, Human Resources under the organization’s prior name, Northwest Pallet Services.