Q: Will Prime360 help with non-wood scrap products?

A: Yes— as part of our store solutions, scrap such as plastic and OCC (Old Corrugated Cardboard) are collected from customers and recycled by one of our many partners in sustainability.

Q: What can Prime360’s workforce do for my business?

A: Our laborers are trained and prepped to perform a wide variety of pallet and dock related services. These include sorting customer returns, loading and unloading, pallet sanitization, evaluating vendor compliance, and more.

Q: Will Prime360 manage pallets from outside sources?

A: Yes! We manage pallets from pooling services as well as retailer pallets as part of our TPM service.

Q: Do pallet materials matter?

A: Yes! Pallet materials such as wood, plastic, and cardboard have different properties that serve unique purposes. For example, material choice can influence the load carrying capacity of a pallet, among other structural factors, and some materials can be better suited for certain products and/or storage temperatures. Wood is the most versatile and sustainable of material choices.

Q: What aspect of my supply chain can Prime360 manage for me or my company?

A: Through our TPM service, Prime360 is capable of managing every aspect of the supply chain, including inbound and outbound pallets, warehousing, transportation, and labor.

Q: When was Prime360 founded?

A: Prime360 was founded in 1982, in Marengo, Illinois. We have over 40 years of experience in the Pallet Management Services Industry with a team of seasoned supply chain experts equipped with the skills and knowledge to serve our customers’ needs.

Q: Does Prime360 repair pallets?

A: Yes. We lower costs and reduce carbon footprints by repairing and reusing as many pallets as possible, as many times as possible. Typically, pallets can be repaired and reused as many as seven times.

Q: What does Prime360 do with pallets that cannot be repaired?

A: Rather than being sent to pile up in landfills, pallets that cannot be repaired are recycled or repurposed for a variety of uses.

Q: What is Prime360’s Pallet Optimization Program (POP)?

A: Providing a unique quality management service, POP is our vendor compliance program designed to improve pallet quality, increase profitability, and enhance sustainability. POP studies allow us to identify and create practical solutions for issues within the supply chain upstream with vendors/merchants of our customers.

Q: What is Total Pallet Management (TPM)?

A: Our TPM service is your one-stop shop for all your pallet operation needs. An integrity-based service focusing on the day-to-day pallet needs of our customers, TPM allows us to work alongside and often steps ahead of our customers to assess, manage, and optimize logistic and financial flow even through peak seasons. We apply our expertise to support clients in reducing environmental impact, streamlining supply chain processes, reducing costs and increasing revenue, and much, much more.

Q: What types of industries does Prime360 work with?

A: Prime360 works with a wide variety of customers in industries such as grocery, pharmaceuticals, retail, eBusiness, healthcare, and more.

Q: What becomes of recycled or repurposed pallets?

A: When repair and reuse is not an option, pallets are broken down into wood chips and/or sawdust for use in a variety of purposes. Some of these include farm animal bedding, chipboards, and waste-to-energy fuel, sometimes known as biomass.

Q: How can Prime360 help reduce my company’s carbon footprint?

A: Prime360’s repair and reuse program reduces the need to manufacture and purchase new pallets, using fewer trees in the process. Meanwhile, recycling and repurposing ensures that as few pallets as possible end up in landfills.

Q: What is PrimeVision?

A: PrimeVision is our proprietary real-time transportation visibility platform (RTTVP), a system designed to maximize operational efficiency by providing moment by moment data on shipment locations, delivery counts and ETAs, inventory, and much more.

Q: Will PrimeVision work with our company’s existing systems?

A: Yes. All of our services are customizable, suited to adapt to our customer’s needs and operations as needed.

Q: Where are Prime360’s pallets made?

A: Our pallets are manufactured and provided by partners within our vast and constantly growing partner network. One of our greatest strengths is the strength, density, diversity, and quality of our partner network.

Q: Does Prime360 offer onsite support?

A: Yes— we deploy teams onsite at customer locations to ensure that safety standards are being met, best efficiency practices are being utilized, provide real-time solutions to any issues that may arise, and more.

Q: Does Prime360 offer training?

A: We are deeply committed to preserving the health and safety of our employees and customers. To ensure that all standards are being met, we offer thorough Safety Awareness training as well as performance evaluations and continuous safety programs.

Q: Why choose Prime360?

A: As the largest supply chain management company in the U.S., our mission is to work alongside our customers to provide the support and information they need to optimize every aspect of their pallet operations, helping them to deliver their products efficiently, safely, and reliably to the market while producing real cost savings in the process. Most importantly, we do so with an unshakable commitment to protecting our Earth and its resources. As leaders in sustainability in the pallet industry, we repair, recycle, and repurpose over 55 million pallets annually as part of our 360° supply chain system.