Company Facts

Prime360® At-A-Glance

The Big Picture

Headquartered in Schaumburg, Illinois, we rebranded our company Prime360® in June 2020.

Our predecessor company, Northwest Pallet Services was founded in 1982, and we merged with Prime Woodcraft, Inc. in 2019.

Prime360® is a private company that’s part of Huron Capital’s private equity portfolio.

Our Facts At-a-Glance

Over 40 Years of supply chain experience

Manage over 80 million pallets annually

Leading provider of onsite Prime360® teams in retail distribution centers

1,000+ partners nationwide providing products and sustainability programs

PrimeVision® Technology delivering supply chain analytics for pallet management and reverse logistics

Sustainably recycles, sorts and repairs 55 million+ pallets annually

#1 Largest total pallet management services provider in the U.S.

Serving many Fortune 500 companies nationwide

Managing pallet flow of 100% American-made pallets

Purchases over 30 million cores annually

Of our partner network includes minority-owned businesses

Performing over 7,000 store sweeps a month

1,000+ U.S. Partners Provide Scalable Coverage Nationwide

Our diverse network of partners is extensively vetted for performance, reliability and financial health. Our partners are continually monitored to perform to our highest standards and remain in our strategic alliance while serving our customers. Most of our partners have over 25 years in the pallet industry and are certified by the National Wooden Pallet & Container Association (NWPCA).

Our Partners… Manage 250+ Million Pallets AnnuallyDivert 85% of Damaged Pallets from LandfillsHas a Geographic Presence throughout North America