Supply Chain

Communication and Supply Chain Assurance: Networking for Peace of Mind

The supply chain is a foundational aspect of any successful business, and pallets are an indispensable aspect of it. As the National Wooden Pallet and Container Association’s motto states, “Pallets move the world.” Nearly every major industry depends on them to move their products, from retail to healthcare to grocery;

As of 2019, it is estimated that around 2.6 billion pallets are in use in the United States. Having the pallets you need, when you need them and where you need them, is instrumental in delivering satisfaction to your customers.

Yet, having to rely on third-party vendors and suppliers to do this can create stress and uncertainty even in the best of times. As many as 89% of companies have reported experiencing risk events that have gone unmitigated in dealing with suppliers over the last five years. With COVID-19, arguably the most impactful risk event of the 2000s, continuing to pose a threat to our health as well as our businesses, anxieties regarding the transportation of products and customer fulfillment are higher than ever. And such events abound even without a global pandemic. Markets are continuously evolving, shaping the requirements of the supply chain and opening potential for mishaps in the process. Even simple spikes in supply and demand and shifts in consumer preference coupled with seasonal peaks can cause complications.

Prime360’s Total Pallet Management service is designed to ensure that every component of the supply chain operations runs smoothly and efficiently, freeing our customers to do what they do best while enhancing revenue stream and creating cost reductions in the process.

Importantly, it does so backed by a system that provides customers with the support and information they need to feel secure in the quality and success of their supply chain operations. Well-equipped with thorough market data and a vast, diverse partner network spanning from pallet distribution to sustainable outlets, we are fit to handle and guide our customers through any event that impacts their business, whether it be predictable or completely unforeseen.

Leveraging Prime’s Quality Network

Strong lines of communication drive our ability to optimize and ensure the quality of supply chain operation. Often, a single kink in the supply chain has serious implications, causing significant delays and costing money to resolve. Prime implements a number of strategies to not only provide rapid and comprehensive solutions to these issues, but ultimately to prevent them altogether. One of these is deploying our vast network of market contacts, over 2,000 strong and counting, to ensure that pallets reach our customers in a timely and reliable manner. While our partners in trailer and trucking companies support on-time performance, the network spans beyond even the limits of pallet distribution to cover plastics, cardboard, sustainable outlets, and other key adjacent businesses. Meanwhile, our dense circle of TPM labor experts have the specialized knowledge required to not only support but optimize the ever-important workforce that allows the chain to function.

Prime’s team of supply chain market experts keep in constant communication with these contacts, gathering information on pallet coordination instrumental to keeping the supply chain moving efficiently and within customer expectations. Meanwhile,

Experts in logistics manage the flow of pallets in and out of customer distribution centers and store locations, communicating with carriers to establish a dependable system of movement within the supply chain.

With this, customers can feel secure in knowing that their pallets are properly ushered through the distribution process. Today, we manage peaks in supply and demand for retailers grossing hundreds of billions per year in international sales, some of the largest in the world with some of the most challenging requirements.

Security through Guidance

In the same way our team connects with network partners to manage outsourced partners, Prime provides customers with a number of avenues through which we provide rapid and comprehensive solutions to any operational issues that may occur. Each of our customers are connected with a personal expert contact capable of handling concerns as they occur, facilitating communication between customers, suppliers, vendors, and other points of contact within the supply chain. Whether it be the delay of a load delivery, the receival of damaged pallets, or any number of other issues, these capable TPM specialists are equipped to devise and implement solutions that fit within specific customer requirements based on data-driven predictions and thus could be viewed as a safety net for customers, protecting them from and mitigating negative outcomes while pre-planning for changing market dynamics and retail peaks.

Through deep knowledge and thorough understanding of our customer’s industries, our experts work alongside customers, being stationed onsite for hands-on support, and are often steps ahead in preparation for impacts to the market. With experience in serving a variety of industries, from pharmaceuticals to home improvement, Prime has the expertise to not only optimize customer supply chains but do so in a way that accommodates market-specific requirements, even in highly specialized vertical markets. Further, by resolving issues expediently and implementing processes to prevent them from reoccurring, we save customers money that would otherwise be consumed by fixing the issue or lost during the delay.

PrimeVision for Visibility Every Step of the Way

Another important tool linking customers to their pallet operations is our real-time transportation visibility platform (RTTVP), known as PrimeVision, which allows for the tracking of pallets moment by moment as they move through the supply chain, even on the national level. Through this network of data, every party involved in the fulfillment of supply chain requirements is provided with highly accurate information concerning every aspect of the TPM service down to the most minute detail.

In this way, Prime is able to keep customers and network partners in the loop at every step, from pallet production to scrap, easing much of the uncertainty felt concerning logistics and timelines while permitting us to further improve systems as concerns crop up.

Additionally, the data collected within the PrimeVision network drives our actions and recommendations while providing real, tangible illustrations of the time, money, and effort saved as a result of implemented improvements and solutions, reassuring customers that they are headed in the right direction.

And there is no need to simply take our word for it— the positive outcomes of RTTVPs have been proven by highly-respected industry organizations. Through real-time tracking, customers receive notifications alerting them to deliveries and pickups allowing for better allocation of labor, as workers need not wait indeterminate amounts of time for a load to arrive nor call after shipment status or progress.

On time, in full or OTIF penalties incurred by the customer and trucker detentions are also reduced by these alerts, as time performance is massively improved with accurate detailing of arrival times as well as the ability to pre-plan for unforeseen events occurring at any point in the supply chain. In particular, dwell and detention fees have been found to drop by 25% with the use of RTTVPs. Further, better on-time performance, said to increase by as much as 25%, supports customer retention and satisfaction which produces significant ROI long-term. These benefits are made possible and available to our customers through PrimeVision, which allows our experts to not only accurately predict deliveries, but provide highly responsive and adaptable service to omnichannel supply chains with specialized and unique requirements. Further, this consistent collection of data and careful interpretation of it gives our experts the opportunity to pinpoint sites for improvement, even as supply chain operations continue.

When the success of your business relies on building a reliable network of outsourced partners, unease and trepidation are natural responses. At Prime, our chief concern is establishing a system that customers can depend on to serve all of their operational needs, providing peace of mind even in the most uncertain of circumstances. We hold that our ability to do so hinges on effective communication not only with the customer themselves, but with every party involved in the supply chain process. Through our 360° TPM methodology, we guarantee a comprehensive approach that takes the stress out of pallet operations for our customers, while producing measurable results in cost-savings, revenue enhancement, and supply chain efficiency.

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