Supply Chain Technology: Innovation in Pallet Operations

As with any new method or product, however, many supply chain technologies have come and gone with little to no benefit added to the user; for example, radio-frequency identification or RFID tags, which were intended to track items from manufacturer to customer, were ultimately found to be too cost prohibitive to have any real benefit. For companies, this muddies the waters when looking to invest in advanced systems. Prime360 offers the services of and support for technologies proven to create tangible benefits for companies looking to increase efficiency, promote safety, improve sustainability, and more, backed with the expertise to ensure seamless integration with existing practices and structures.

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Store Sweep Solutions: Balancing Quality, Safety, and Efficiency

Stores are an integral part of the supply chain, to say the absolute least. As the point of contact for customers to receive products and services, ensuring optimal operations at each location is crucial for continued success. Yet, with concerns such as delivery times and volume increases can, at times, make achieving peak efficiency a complicated task. Further, with limited store capacities, many retailers find scrap pallets and the question of their disposal to pose a serious and reoccurring issue. Piling up in stockrooms and storage areas, pallet cores, odds, and scrap can easily accumulate into a serious drain on time, labor, and resources, costing large amounts of revenue to manage.

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Sustainable Practices in Pallet Management: A Primer on Prime360

Protecting our environment is a matter of dire importance, as the impacts of climate change become more and more visible each year. With storms in the south and fires in the west, companies in all industries across the nation are taking steps to make their operations more environmentally ethical. The pallet industry is no exception to this, with fewer pallets ending their lives in landfills than ever. Yet, for most customers, the supply chain is only one of a myriad of processes that potentially need modifications to meet their sustainability goals.

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